Follow the steps below to set up surcharging:

1. From the dashboard, select the Configuration tab from the menu. 

2. Select Surcharging from the Configuration dropdown menu.

3. Once on the Surcharging page, select Enable near the top right of the window.

4. A surcharging disclaimer box will appear. Before enabling surcharging, you will need to click the link provided to register with Visa.

5. Once the Visa form has been submitted, go back to Chargezoom's platform. Click the box indicating that you understand by enabling surcharging, that you are responsible for compliance with Visa's requirements and any relevant state laws. Select Enable to continue.

6. Once surcharging has been enabled, you will be able to change the surcharge percentage, default item, and default item account. The default item and account will be preselected. Once you have set your surcharging fee, click save to complete the setup process. Important: Your surcharging fee can't exceed the fee that was determined by the card brand.