Customer Portal is only available in Enterprise 

From the Dashboard, select the 'Configurations' drop-down, and select 'Customer Portal' 

Select 'Yes' in the 'Enable Customer Portal?'

'Your Customer Portal URL' will be the URL the customers use to log in 

       - This needs to be 20 character or less with no spaces or special characters

'Customer Help Text' 

    - This field is to write any information that you would like all customers to view when they are in the Customer Portal 

Settings for the customers view within the Customer Portal

'Allow Edit Contact Details' select Yes/No 

   - Yes will allow the customer to Edit their contact details within the Customer Portal 

'Show Payment Info' select Yes/No

   - Yes will allow the customer to edit and view their payment information 

'Show Subscriptions' select Yes/No

   -Yes will allow the customer to view the subscription they are on. If you do not use subscription select 'No"

Select 'Save'