Merchant Portal  | Configurations > Email Templates > Select Template

You can modify any of the email template fields to reflect the information you would like your customers to see.

Reply to Email - The email address your invoice will be coming from

Attach PDF - Enable this if you want to attach PDF that includes the breakdown of the line items in the email.

Email Body - What the body of the email will contain

You can use any of the Tags below and add them to any of the email template fields. They will reference the data in the Description fields.

{{merchant_name}}Merchant Name
{{merchant_email}}Merchant Email
{{merchant_phone}}Merchant Phone
{{}}Customer Contact Name
{{}}Customer Name
{{invoice_payment_pagelink}}Invoice Payment Pagelink
{{invoice_payment_hyperlink}}Invoice Payment Hyper Link (Used in anchor href tag or direct)
{{}}Current Date
{{logo}}Logo URL
{{creditcard.type_name}}Card Friendly Name
{{transaction.amount}}Transaction Amount
{{surcharge.amount}}Surcharge Amount
{{authorized.amount}}Total Amount
{{transaction.transaction_method}}Transaction Methods
{{transaction.transaction_date}}Transaction Date
{{transaction.transaction_detail}}Transaction Message
{{config.email_show_poweredby}}Company promotion message
{{invoice.refnumbe}}Invoice Number
{{invoice.days_overdue}}Transaction Amount
{{invoice.balance}}Invoice Amount
{{invoice_due_date}}Invoice Due Date
{{creditcard.url_updatelink}}Credit Card Update Link