If you have sent a customer an email about their account, you can easily view the status of the message using Email History.

Open the customer profile and navigate toward the bottom of the screen and look at the section titled "Email History". 

Here, you will see one of two statuses: SENT or DELIVERED

Sent messages

  • confirms that a message was sent to the customer
  • indicates that the message is in process and has not been delivered yet

Delivered messages

  • indicates that the message was successfully delivered to the recipient mailbox
  • blue hyperlink will open the status page with more details

View Delivered Message Statuses

Easily view the confirmation that the email was successfully delivered. View when the email was opened and how many times it was opened.

If your email was delivered but not opened, you may consider following up with your customer in another way. Perhaps the email address was incorrect or has changed or the recipient is away from the office.