This happens when the application you want to add has an existing Owner ID on QuickBooks.

What you can do?

To fix this, you need to remove the existing Owner ID.

Open QuickBooks.

1. Download the CP3 tool, then select Open.

2. Select - Select file, then search for your QWC file. This puts the file in the Enter QBWC file Location.

3. Select Open, then Remove Stamp.

4. On the QuickBooks Application Certificate window, select Yes, then Continue.

5. On the Access Confirmation window, select Done.

6. Follow the instructions, then select OK.

7. You should get a confirmation that the Owner ID was removed. Select OK.

8. Exit and reopen QuickBooks and Web Connector, then re-add your third-party application.


  • The CP3 tool can be run anywhere (Local computer or Hosted environment) as long as it's in the same location as the QBWC file downloaded from Chargezoom.

  • If the CP3 tool was run on a local machine and QuickBooks is on a hosted environment,  you will need to 
    copy the QBWC file from above to the hosted environment before adding it to the web connector. 

  • Consult with your IT on how to copy files from your local computer to the hosted environment

  • Do not download a new QBWC file on the hosted environment after running the CP3 Tool