1. Login to https://developer.intuit.com/ with your QBO account

  2. Click Dashboard

  3. Create app for Chargezoom in the Intuit dashboard

  4. Click QuickBooks Online and Payments

  5. Enter Chargezoom in the App name and select both Scope check boxes.

  6. After the App is created, go to Keys & Credentials menu. 

    Note: You may need to complete the following steps in order to get your Production client ID and client secret

  7. Click on each step and complete

    1. Verify your email address

    2. Complete your Intuit Developer Portal profile and verify your email address

    3. Add your app's end-user license agreement and privacy policy - Copy and paste the URLs below
      a. End User License Agreement URL - https://chargezoom.com/terms
      b. Privacy Policy https://chargezoom.com/privacy-policy

    4. Add your app's host domain, launch URL, and disconnect URL - Copy and paste the URLs below
      a. Host Domain - dashboard.payportal.com
      b. Launch URL - https://dashboard.payportal.com
      c. Disconnect URL - https://payportal.com/quickbooksintegrationdisconnected

    5. Select at least one category for your app
      a. Select AccountingAppsBilling

    6. Tell us about regulated industries that use your app
      a. Select None of the above

    7. Tell us where your app is hosted
      a. Add United States

  1. Click Go to the app assessment questionnaire

  2. Click Continue questionnaire

  1. Fill out the questionnaire with the provided answers below. Click Next Tab after filling out each page 

App Information

Authorization and Authentication 

API Usuage

Accounting API

Error Handling


  1. Click Submit. A confirmation screen will pop up, click Yes

  2. Once Submitted, click Dashboard

      13. Click Chargezoom

14. Select Keys & Credentials

15. Your Client ID and Client Secret will now be accessible