• QuickBooks allows one file to be open at one time
  • Have the correct file open, or QuickBooks closed
  • QuickBooks file is open and incorrect, and error will occur
  • Error will occur when multiple files are open, and requests are made

Please follow below best practice when a user will be connecting to multiple company files.

  1. Generate a Sync Manager token with the first account 
  2. Enter the token on the agent and click Save
  3. Log in as the QuickBooks Admin to the first company file and make the provisioning request.
  4. Accept the permissions for the first file.
  5. Log out of the first file and log in as the QuickBooks Admin for the next file. Note: Only one company file may be open at one time.
  6. Switch to the next account in Biller Genie and select the same token that you used in the first account.  Click Connect.
  7. Accept the permissions for the next file.
  8. Repeat steps 5 - 7 for all subsequent company files

Please note it is best practice for a user to have only one token (not multiple) for ease of syncing