If you are adding multiple company files to your QuickBooks web connector, please follow the guidelines and best practices below.

1. Log in as Admin to the next QuickBooks company file you want to sync

2. Open the web connector (File > Update Web Services)

3. Add Application

4. Select the QBWC file downloaded from your Payportal account

5. A web connector warning will appear, click No

6. Authorize New Web Service - Click Ok

7. Select Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running - Click Yes on the prompt

8. Set Login as: Admin if you have multiple QuickBooks users and click Continue

9. In the Access Confirmation page, Click Done

10. The application has now be added to the web connector. Please note that the application name has a 1 appended to it.

11. Click the password box and enter the password configured in Payportal.

12. Click the checkbox next to the application you just added.

It will prompt you to save the password, click Yes

13. Click the checkbox next to the application and deselect the auto-run checkbox

14. Click Update Selected 

15. The web connector will now sync your company file into Payportal.

16. Repeat the steps to add another company file to sync

Note: Once synced, the application name will update to the company file you are logged into. Please ensure you are logged into the correct company file to prevent sync errors. 

Best Practices

  • Always log in as Admin when configuring the web connector
  • Ensure you are logged into the correct QuickBooks company file you want to sync
  • Disable auto-run when syncing multiple files. This can cause data errors with the sync.  
  • Each company file should be synced manually by selecting the checkbox and clicking update selected (Make sure you are logged into the correct company file)
  • Ensure there are no firewalls or antiviruses blocking the web connector from syncing
  • Ensure the web connector have permission to access the file, whether it is located on a local or on a network drive. 
  • Remove Payportal application from Web Connector https://support.chargezoom.com/support/solutions/articles/44002394246-how-to-remove-the-payportal-application-from-the-quickbooks-web-connector