Follow these steps to integrate a QuickBooks Desktop file to

This setup will require a version of the QuickBooks Desktop software and QuickBooks Web Connector. 

If you do not have QuickBooks Web Connector, you can download it here: 

1. Login to your account.

2. Finish and complete the first 3 Steps of the New Account Setup Wizard.

3. When viewing the "Last Step," select QuickBooks Desktop.

4. Create and record a Web Connector Password: you will need this password for the next steps of integration.

5. When finished, select "Generate Web Connector File." You will need this file for the next steps of integration.

- It is recommended to record and save the Web Connector Password and .qwc file in a safe, and easily accessible location on your local computer.

6. When you are in possession of the Web Connector Password and .qwc file, open Quickbooks Web Connector and select "Add an application" at the bottom right of the window.

7. Next, select the .qwc file provided to you from Step 5 of this article.

8. Confirm you have the correct QuickBooks file open and that the QuickBooks Desktop app is running, when done, click "OK."

9. Select the "PayPortal" application checkbox and enter the Web Connector Password that was created for your accounting package from the "Last Step" of the New Account Setup Wizard on 

10. When finished, press "Update Selected."

11. After the QuickBooks Web Connector has been completed, go back to and access your account. 

You will see that you have successfully integrated a QuickBooks file with your account.