To add an Gateway for use on your account, you will need your API LoginID and Transaction Key.

Follow these steps to acquire your API LoginID and Transaction Key:

1. Login to your Merchant account.

2. Select "Account" at the top of the page.

3. Select "Settings" on the left of the page.

4. In the "Security Settings" section, select "API Credentials & Keys."

5. View and record your "API LoginID" shown here.

6. You may be prompted to create a new Transaction Key, if so, be sure to select the "New Transaction Key" bubble when entering your Secret Answer.

7. The next page will display your new Transaction Key, be sure to record this and the previously recorded "API LoginID" as these will be needed later.

Follow these steps to add your Gateway to your account:

1. Login to your account and select the "Integrations" drop-down menu and click on "Merchant Gateway."

2. Navigate to the top right of the page and select the "Add New" button.

3. While on the "Add New" pop-up, select "" under "Gateway Type" and complete the fields with the information given from your Merchant account.

Note: Be sure to specify whether this Gateway will be added for either "Credit Card" or Electronic Check."

4. When finished, press "Add."

You have successfully added an Gateway.